Bus is a popular travel option for backpackers, budget travelers and those who are so interested in the journey as the destination itself.

It may not be the most comfortable the way to go, but if you are on your European tour, the bus is the best way to in and out of Tallinn. If you’re traveling from city to city in the Baltics and you don’t have your own car, the bus is definitely the way forward.

The international bus lines (Eurolines, Ecolines, Hansabuss) offers bus connections between Tallinn and European cities.

From Tallinn’s Central Bus Station, the International and domestic bus lines arrive and departs.


Ecolines Tallinn

Ecolines is the cheapest. A single ticket costs 14 euros and 26 euros for the first round.


EuroLines Tallinn

Eurolines Tallinn bus to Riga, prices can change from 10, 50 to 28 euros, 80 euros one way, and it depends on the type of bus you are traveling in.

Discounts are only for children under 12 years of age.

There are 5 different prices of buses:
Simple Express -10,50
LuxExpress Special -28,80
LuxExpress -18,90
Express Salon Lux / LuxExpress Lounge -24
Toks -12,80


HansaBuss Tallinn

Hansabuss has three buses during the week and weekend. Prices are 20.77 Euros one way in economy class lux, and € 28.76 in business class.

People over 60 years, students, military recruits and children are discounted.


Tallinn Bus Station

Bus station in Tallinn is a small, relic of the Soviet era, but has been renovated, services are quite efficient and not as depressing as it used to be. Ticket prices depend on the bus company and route.

International routes is advisable to book or buy your ticket in advance. On domestic routes this is usually not necessary, however there are exceptions: Friday and Sunday buses to weekend destinations as Pärnu and Tartu tend to fill quickly, so buy your ticket earlier in the day will guarantee a place.

Tallinn Central Bus Station – located at Lastekodu 46. Tallinn bus station is open all night, but ticket sales and reservations can only operate between 6:30 am to 9pm. There is a bar, a cafe and a hot dog stand at the station.

It was built during the Soviet era, and major renovations have been retained as Tallinn plans to develop a transportation hub near the airport. This gives an unique opportunity to see and feel a bit of Soviet reality.

Tallinn International Bus station is 5 minutes drive or 15 minutes walk from downtown, 10 minutes drive from Tallinn Airport and 15 minutes drive from the port of Tallinn.