Travel to Tallinn

Since much of the area of ​​Old Town of Tallinn is entirely free transport, you will find that the only way to travel in this historic district is really on foot. However, close to you will be happy to find a reliable network, consisting of buses and trolleybuses, with trams.

Travelling around Tallinn is easy with a great bus service, tram and rail. These options cover most similar transport in Tallinn and are extremely very cheap. There are four tram lines in total, and eight lines of the network of trolleys, while buses tend to cover a much larger proportion of the city from the south-east corner, to the north-west. The city operates a bus system reaching all districts of Tallinn. The rates are reasonably priced and tickets can be purchased easily through street kiosks.


By Road

For a country as modern and impressive, network of roads in Estonia is still pretty basic, although it is improving with a significant investment in recent years.

Driving is on the right and the minimum driving age is 18. Speed ​​limits vary between 30-50kmph in towns and 90-110kmph on track mainline.

Drivers must have the original Vehicle Registration Document, and insurance documents covering of Estonia in the case of driving in the country. EU licenses are valid for foreign drivers.


By Sea

Ferries and high-speed vessels -The Tallinn-Helsinki line of sea is one of the busiest routes of international passengers in the world. Ferries cross the Gulf of Finland between Tallinn and Helsinki several times a day, covering the distance of about 2 to 3 hours. From late spring to late autumn, high-speed vessels also operate on the route, reducing travel time by an hour and a half.

Ferries between Tallinn and Stockholm depart every evening, the trip takes about 15 hours.

Travel to Estonia by sea is very popular with tourists – it is not surprising, as Tallinn is the closest to the capital Helsinki and Stockholm, and travel by boat allows you to combine the fun of cruising with an efficient transportation.


By Air

The largest and busiest airport throughout Estonia, is the Tallinn Ulemiste Airport (TLL) is located near the eastern shore of Lake Ulemiste and it has easy access, just 3 km / 2 miles from the center of the city. In total, the airport has five terminal gateways and over 15 airlines, of which the airlines of Estonia is the most prominent, linking all major cities in Austria, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Russia and Sweden.