By Public Transportation

Using the system of Tallinn public transport is easy enough for most cases.
A system of buses, trolleys and trams connect all parts of the city between 6:00 a.m.-11 pm daily, are using the same type of ticket. Tickets can be purchased at kiosks or in the driver of the vehicle stops, which is more expensive. Make sure you punch or stamp your ticket once on board to avoid a penalty. Standard tickets are valid for one trip, while one-and two-hour tickets are also for sale. Passes are available that covers 24 or 72 hours.

Trams provide the easiest way to get around downtown areas, while buses are mainly to get to the suburbs. You can easily catch trams in various locations in Old Town. In Tallinn, where trams run through the middle of the street, the traffic is disciplined to stop to allow pedestrians to cross to the tram from the curb.

Only buses, trams and trolleybuses are unified ticket system, trains and ferries have their own ticket rates.

Visitors can buy Tallinn Card, which allows unlimited use of public transport, with the entrance to many attractions.


By Bus (Internal)

Bus routes can be found almost everywhere in Tallinn. Almost everywhere, especially in Pirita, Nõmme and Lasnamäe, which they provide the backbone of public transport system, as these districts do not have trams or trolleys.


By Taxis

Taxi drivers are known around the world to try to rip off naive tourists with exorbitant prices, and Tallinn is no different.

Minivans also provide transport and metered taxis can be hailed on the street or ordered by phone. Pre-booked taxis can be ordered from a number of local companies, such as Linna and Tulika. Make sure the meter is connected properly or to agree a price in advance for all trips. If you are unsure for the fare, ask for a printed receipt – if the driver can not issue one, legally you entitled to refuse the fare.

There are taxi stands at major intersections and in front of larger hotels. Passengers can choose from any of the available taxis at a taxi stand.

There are plenty of parking lots in downtown of Tallinn, and streetside parking is always to be paid in advance in the sidewalk machines.


By Car

The advantages of traveling by car are obvious – door to door service and plenty of opportunities for daytripping. Disadvantages include some streets a bit weak, some very poor drivers and even the odd moose lost in the road.