Tallinn is a little charming town that offers a great choice for a single weekend. Old Town of Tallinn is within its medieval walls, making it very easy to walk around and explore. Tallinn’s nightlife is fantastic with a wide range and variety of pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, casinos and dance clubs around. It remains a great value and high levels of service that make Tallinn an attractive destination weekend break.

Places to Visit for the Weekend


Take time to stroll and watch the impressive medieval buildings as you hear the reassuring click of cobbled streets under your feet. The Old Town should be your first target. You start from Viru Gate, the entrance to the Old City and head to the square where you should see the Raekoda (City Hall). Further explore the Lower City, with its dazzling array of bars and nightclubs. Be sure to check out the Toompea and the Parliament of Estonia, along with the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Tallinn Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Estonia.

Tallinn is not only incredibly beautiful but it is full of shops and trendy restaurants that make an ideal combination. Allow at least a day to see everything. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants to choose from on and around the busy Raekoja plats. Then of course there’s always the option of fast food.


Beach Time in Tallinn is great because Tallinn has an impressive collection of beaches and lakes. Head on over to Stroomi Beach in Northern Tallinn or Harku lake in West Tallinn. Go towards Kakumae Beach which shares a consensus as being one of the cleanest beaches in all of Estonia.

If you take into the countryside, there is a spectacular array of wildlife, including exotic animals such as elk, foxes and lynx. Get on your wild and pleasant side with the Tallinn Zoo and the Tallinn Botanical Gardens for your venture out. Estonia Zoo has about 5,000 animals of the gems of Arctic like Polar bears to warm temperature animal kind that lounge in the waters, such as crocodiles and monkeys. Tallinn Botanic Garden comes with more than 7000 plants which specified in the intricate patterns inside and out.


If you are in Tallinn in April, check out the festival Jazzkaar which is a celebration of jazz music from local and international destinations throughout all the restaurants and dance halls of Tallinn.