Day Trip

It would be a shame to travel in Tallinn, and not being able to take at least a day trip and enjoy the views. This side of Tallinn is most beautiful place to spend your day. The beautiful parks, much along the seaside and history mix with nature.

Because Estonia itself is slightly larger than Tallinn, might be a good idea to leave the city for a change. One of the least populated countries in Europe, Estonia has large tracts of apparently empty land, with forests covering much of the country.

Things to See in a Day Trip –
To explore a day trip on the city of Tallinn is an extremely exciting. Discover the Kadriorg Park, the most notable park artwork in Estonia. The park was originally nearly 100 hectares in size, but not preserved in its entirety. Here you can have your friends or family for a picnic. Or maybe having some time to feel the relaxation by resting or walking from different times.


Tallinn’s old town was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, and much of the architecture within the walls of the medieval city is strong. The old town is charming and very much intact. The towers offer great views into or out of the city. One of the best views of the city is from the church tower of St. Olaf, one of the first buildings within the city walls from the port.


Toompea technically a separate area of ​​the Old City, it is in a limestone hill overlooking the rest of the city with the former governor’s palace. The west side of town, close to the walls of the old city under Toompea’s ramparts, is a beautiful city park with rolling hills and water.

If you want to get a sense of Estonia, you really should visit Tartu. While the center of Tallinn is the business and government of the country, Tartu has a more intellectual and cultural to feel. Try also to go in Saku, the most popular brand of beer in Estonia. It began as a manor brewery, survived nationalization and state ownership, and is now a center of modern brewing facility.


Tallinn has a wide variety of places to eat if your hungry. There are also places to play off the medieval character of the Old City and serve “Ye Olde Feast” type meals, with waitresses serving.

Tallinn is the perfect day trip, this charming old town area was a great change of pace.