Short Stay

Sometimes life is hard. What you need is a Short Break to Tallinn to get away from everything. So if you fancy city breaks or just need a short weekend getaway, Tallinn is the perfect break for you. Tallinn is a beautiful and compact city. Tallinn is easy to walk on foot, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to suit all tastes. The city is unique with its great mix of historical sites and ultra modern styles.

A young and vibrant city

By heading in Tallinn, here you will discover a young city with much to offer, adjusting for a weekend will be a challenge, but having a challenge well worth it. Although popular with young people coming to try its vibrant nightlife and culture with style, you will find a city on the edge of the gap between East and West.

Your getaway cheap in Tallinn has to take in the wonderful Old Town of Tallinn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with buildings from the 15th century, the terracotta roofs and spectacular wide market square. Walking through the cobbled streets gives you a real idea of ​​the old energy that the city began on its way to fame.

The City galleries and museums are definitely worth a visit. Make a trip to the Gothic church of St. Olav to admire the charm that once given all the buildings in Tallinn. After that take a walk around the remains of the city wall, a great way to see the changes that the city has been through the years. Modern design connoisseurs need not be disappointed, a number of exciting new buildings and bars are home to the elegant, young, and jet-set of Tallinn.

Tallinn is an approach to land, unpretentious nightlife characterized by a growing number of approachable and friendly bars and pubs. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised not only by the nature of genuine hospitality of the locals, but also cheap prices for drinking and dining out. Tallinn Short breaks should also explore its royal palaces that dot the landscape.

A wide range of accommodation offered in Tallinn with old boutique hotels to modern and affordable hotels are all available. Depending on your budget you can find some offers of the big city break to Tallinn, with deals that include flights and hotels, best for those after a weekend budget. Many low cost airlines flying to Tallinn to search around for the best deals for your short stay. However, the city face changes between winter and summer, which is also to consider offers that to arrive in spring and autumn to take the city when its quieter.