Car Rental

When you’re planning a trip in Tallinn, make sure to consider the Tallinn Car Rental Services. The use of a rental car is the ideal way to travel around Estonia. The roads are wide, largely traffic-free and well maintained throughout the year.

With car rental you can go visit spectacular places in Tallinn of your choice. The Car Hire in Tallinn are very modern and maintained motorway, and the main road system ensures maximum mobility of its own citizens, foreign businessmen and tourists.

If you fly into Tallinn, then you will be landing at Tallinn airport, located just five miles from downtown and connected to it with via bus routes and taxis, but it is the best bet if you book a car rental services and Tallinn have a car ready for you at the airport as soon as you land.

Renting a car is the preferred transport option for many people flying to Tallinn Ulemiste airport, while the cars are a convenient way to reach the city and travel around Estonia, but driving in the center of the city can be a problem. There are frequent traffic jams and many local Estonians regularly ignore the rules of the road. Therefore, driving in the center of Tallinn is best suited for the more experienced and confident drivers.

If  You Choose to Rent a Car


Gasoline is cheap and available throughout the country. Prices vary slightly between companies. Many gas stations are open 24 hours a day and generally provide a reasonable selection of hot drinks and snacks.

Plenty of parking spaces are available if required, although you can usually expect to pay through the nose in the most central car parks. However, all car parks offer 15 minutes of free parking, and you must indicate your arrival time using the plastic watch provided by the rental car itself.

They are very strict on drinking and driving. There is a policy of zero tolerance. If you have had a lot to drink last night, even after breakfast, you may still have traces of alcohol in the blood that makes you unfit to drive.

The speed limit in built up areas is 50 km/h. On the open road is usually 90 km/h, but signs will always tell you. In the summer, sometimes it aboves 110 km/h.

Please do not be tempted to exceed the speed limit they prefer, because the Ministry of Finance would like the money it collects from fines. It would very nice if you spend the money to enjoy the country in other ways than paying fines.

Keep your driver’s license and registration documents all over in the car. If the police ask to see them, and they want you to have it immediately.