Accommodation in Tallinn is a high quality certificate, as the certification standards here are stricter than the European average.

Although it is not essential to book hotels or apartments through us to do some of the activities, our year-round presence in Tallinn and our dealings with various accommodation facilities in the city can help improve the safety of the best deals available for you and to your group.

As Tallinn is particularly expensive in European terms, it is costly in terms of the whole world. Fortunately for the traveler input, there are plenty of excellent Tallinn hostels that can be found here – offering a cozy and comfortable for peanuts compared to city hotels.

A great Tallinn hostel called Viru backpackers, which is located in the heart of the city. A nice and clean, ideal for those who want a good night, but still be at the heart of the action.

For something a little more boisterous, Tallinn Backpackers is a great option. For people traveling in groups or families, apartments demonstrate a good bet.

Types of Accommodation:


Hotel- an establishment of at least 10 rooms that correspond to the highest standards and offers dining services.


Guesthouse- an establishment of at least 5 rooms, which also offers room services.


Hostel- a simple establishment for visitors on vacation, sport or study, which offers dining and kitchen facilities.


Guest apartment- an establishment with food preparation facilities, which is rented in its out entirety.


Bed & Breakfast- a hosting service in a private farm, house or apartment, which include breakfast.


Camping site- an establishment providing limited accommodation facilities, which has cottages and/or enclosed areas for tents and/or caravans, parking lot and kitchen facilities.

Tallinn Cheap Accommodation

Traditionally accommodation in Tallinn is out of fashion. Now what is the cheapest accommodation in Tallinn is in private homes. Tallinn accommodation in houses located in residential buildings.

Rental Accommodation in Tallinn

At last you can enjoy accommodation in Tallinn for your desired vacation adapted to everyone’s economic possibilities. Tallinn accommodation is fully equipped apartment in the city of Tallinn. We know you want to experience a unique setting, convenient and cheap in Tallinn.

Budget Tallinn Accommodation

Rent Tallinn accommodation on the best places in town. Each accommodation in Tallinn has some real comments from tenants who have rented the flooring itself is divided into categories: individuals, families, groups or pleasure.

Most hotels accept major credit cards. Rates are per room, not per person, and prices usually include breakfast and taxes.