Explore Tallinn

Before exploring the city of Tallinn you may want to take the time to familiarize yourself within the city. You will find that the use of a map will help you find the various attractions that can make your visit to Tallinn with a joy. Tallinn tourists be able to find a city that is the modern and ancient at once.

Tallinn is a beautiful city, full of historical things to see and do – perhaps too many to fit in the short duration of your stay. You can enjoy some of the best accommodation deals in Europe after a boom in hotel construction preceded the current recession, leaving the capital of Estonia with a surplus of hotel rooms and plummeting prices.

Tallinn is a coveted tourist destination widely known for fully preserved gothic Old Town, the lively nightlife, repositories, parks and gardens, zoos, and many other things. There are many more things and places to explore the fascinating city of Tallinn.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, located in Tompea is a Russian Orthodox cathedral in the old city. Founded in 1900, is a glorious example of Russian structural design. It is a must visit place for its beauty.

Vanalinn is the old city of Tallinn, which is covered with beautiful winding cobblestone avenues, towers and Hanseatic architecture. Despite the great medieval structural design, there are plenty of bars, eating joints, warehouses, shops, houses, etc.


Like most cities with a history of hundred years old, Tallinn is a mosaic of historic areas. Other areas of Tallinn are perfect for those who wants to get a glimpse of the Soviet era life, or simply want to spend time outdoors.


Tallinn is full of museums ranging from the standard to high-quality history and variety of arts to curious museums who specializes in antique dolls, old cameras, musical instruments and even sea mines. If you are an real amateur museum, you should consider buying a card from Tallinn, which will give you free access to most museums. Many museums are closed on Mondays and/or Tuesday.

Sightseeing Tours

A variety of self-guided tours are available in Tallinn, from ghost walks to night crawls.
By exploring the city of Tallinn you begin to see the many other places that you can explore. Each of these unique locations will provide a fabulous vacation for you to experience and to remember. To enjoy these wonders for your next vacation choose Tallinn, the place to visit.