The Tallinn Weather is classified as temperate oceanic and is very similar patterns with the rest of Estonia. Weather in Tallinn is characterized by warm conditions that prevail in most of the summer season, while in sharp contrast to the harsh patterns dominate the long winter season. Another aspect of time Tallinn is the clear distinction among the four seasons: in general, winters are very cold, short springs and rain, summers are typically hot and long autumns.

Summer temperatures can reach 30 °C, but the average values ​​usually found in a 17 °C, while winter can drop to -4 °C. The best time to visit Tallinn is the summer, when days are longer and warmer.

One of the best preserved medieval cities not only in Estonia but also in Europe, Tallinn is located in the Baltic Sea. Understandably, the location of the city has a huge influence on weather patterns of Tallinn, subjecting it to the sea breeze and humidity. Due to its northern latitude, daylight saving hours are significantly longer, extending to 19 hours. At the other end of the spectrum, only in winter even less experience than a meager six hours of sunlight per day, and as a result darkness prevails. What this effectively means is that the day during the summer season seems to be never end, while in winter it feels inadequate.

Despite the prevailing cold winter, snowfall is anything but abundant. However, on the occasion, because of the snow in effect, covering the landscape under its white blanket of nearly constant thickness between December and March.


Tallinn weather – Long summer days- 
When deciding when to go to Tallinn you should consider the type of atmosphere you want to find. Summer is by far the most popular time to visit Tallinn. Summer brings a festive atmosphere of the city, but also a lot of tourists. Perhaps the best time to visit Tallinn, if you want to avoid the biggest crowds of May, June and September, when the average maximum temperature in Tallinn is 15 º – 20 º.  Be sure to bring warm clothes for evenings. Even in summer you can feel quite cold at night. North of the city is another factor to consider when deciding when to visit Tallinn. The summer months in Tallinn enjoy exceptionally long hours of daylight.


Tallinn weather – Mild summers and cold winters- 
Summer in Tallinn is pleasant without being particularly hot. Average maximum temperatures of summer are around 20 degrees in June, July and August. Tallinn temperatures can occasionally go higher, but the capital of Estonia will not compete with the Mediterranean. While the summer weather Tallinn never compete with southern Europe, temperatures are ideal for walking and sightseeing. Tallinn is quite a lot of rain. Rainfall is spread throughout the year and actually peaks in the summer. Mean, winter temperatures are low, often exacerbated by the breezes of the Baltic Sea. January and February are the coldest months.


Tallinn weather – Magical snowy winters- 
Precipitation is lower in the winter, and this may be snow. While winter weather in Tallinn is certainly very cold, you may prefer to Tallinn in the snow than in the rain. Winter holidays in the city of Tallinn is very cold. From December to March expect temperatures below zero. However, time can be magical in winter of Tallinn, with its picturesque cobbled streets covered with snow. Winter can be a fun time to visit Tallinn.