When to Visit Tallinn ?

Our Travel guide to Tallinn contains details of major events and attractions of this picturesque city, and explains the modern transportation system, as well as a wealth of useful information for your stay in Tallinn an enjoyable experience. The best time to visit Tallinn is during the summer, as it is also high season for tourists.


When visiting in Tallinn, it is almost certain that no matter what time of year the trip is done, it is not going to be hot there. Tallinn is definitely not known for having hot summers. Summer, however, is the most common time of year for tourists to visit.

The best time to visit Tallinn is in late spring-summer and early fall. Winters are cold and daylight hours are very few. Tallinn has a northern European climate, with cold winters, warm summers and cool wet springs and autumns. August and September is when the cultural scene perks up in a frenzy of drinking beer, dancing and music festivals.

The best time to travel to Tallinn is in April and May when spring weather is nice and cozy. The summer months while they are the warmest, wettest and also freezes in winter with only a few hours of daylight and snow clogged the streets. Tallinn is a cold place. For someone who enjoys skating or ice fishing, Tallinn in the winter can be a great place to visit. Its winters can get very cold, but thanks to the North Atlantic Gulf Stream the summers remain quite mild.


Do not cancel a winter holiday in Tallinn. However, it is better to go when it is coldest there, with the greatest chance of snow, since this view would see Tallinn at its most magical. Although the snowy winter can also be beautiful, with lots of lights, candles, and warm inviting hotels and restaurants. But keep in mind, that while November and December would be milder, or it may be raining, and as you are prepared the cold weather is better than being wet.

December is the ideal time to visit Tallinn, as the forthcoming Christmas offers many interesting activities for visitors. Among other things, visitors find the Christmas markets, concerts, church services and workshops that awaited for them in Tallinn.


The long hours of June allows all the time needed to explore the city in all its fullness, and find the hidden treasures in the old city, as is easily explored on foot.

Take a visit and bring yourself back in time at Tallinn Old city.