City Guide

Tallinn city guide explores the boutique, hotels and best restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, attractions and spas. There is something undeniably Disney on Tallinn, the fair capital of Estonia, characterized by charming cobblestone streets, the soaring medieval spires and perfectly preserved merchants houses, the city belongs on celluloid animation than it does in real life.

While preserving its past Tallinn is as forward-looking and progressive as any other modern European capital. This is probably best expressed in the interactive exhibits at the Tallinn Science and Technology Center, the showcase city of the arts and sciences. Public transport is modern and efficient, the nightlife is pumping from cigar bars and pool halls to nightclubs, and dining out is a delicious from take-out pizza and Chinese to French cuisine and traditional Estonian cuisine.


First things first: a Licensed guide for a couple of hours to show the Old town is there if you needed.That who speaks excellent English and know the city and its turbulent history inside and out.

In fact, a common complaint of Tallinn visitors is the lack of time is set aside to explore the city.

No matter where you turn your head or the street you are walking, you can be sure that you are not alone. If it’s peace you’re after, you will not find it in the old town, cruise ships are in port, the concerts in the parks, the scantily clad man and women taking long drinks in the courtyard.

If the crowded streets that give you the creeps, you can always get away from it all by headed on the historic gardens of Kadriorg Park or you can gawk at the sun baked buns on the beach in Pirita.


Maybe you want to discover something even more unique, you have a whole list of excellent day trips based on the ideas in this pocket. From Prangli island to the town of Paldiski, we are something special in the list will peak your interest.

Although it is “half empty”, so to speak, there are still plenty of events and happenings throughout the city to ensure that anyone visiting the European Capital of Culture from now until the end of the year feel that the glass is still “half full”.


It gives you the low down on all the great events that fit under this year and a bunch of smaller ones too – you can read all about them and more here:Tallinn in Your Pocket.