Real Estate

Buy real estate in Tallinn, Estonia promises to be an excellent investment for smart people. The city of Tallinn has affordable home prices and home loans. This is one reason that is making the demand in real estate in Tallinn be on the rise at such a fast rate. Demand for property and rental houses outdoes the supply by far in Tallinn city.

There is an enormous amount of information available on real estate, but many of them not in a central location. Estonia once again tops the list of real estate markets around the world in terms of annual growth, the capital of Estonia, Tallinn grew by 17% in the first quarter of 2006 on top of record growth year’s annual gone up from around 50%.


Tallinn in particular – has a property market that moves very quickly where home sales can be completed, and again closed and done with in just two weeks flat with the average house purchase and transfer process taking up to a month.

Part of the reason for the speed at which completes the sales process is that some people buy property in Estonia that are already homeowners and so the buyers are not in a chain and can move more freely.

For foreigners who plan to buy in Estonia, it is advisable to hire a good lawyer who speaks English, who has experience in real estate. Buying or selling a home is stressful – the more information you have about the process, the more confident you will.


And when you consider a place in Tallinn where you want to invest in a new home, such as house, apartment, penthouse or a villa, then you should ask yourself where you would like to live in Tallinn. When you buy a house or villa in Tallinn, you are buying the land and as well the property that was build on the land.

Of course the property in Tallinn will deteriorate with the years but the land the property was build on maybe of greater value, then its original value, so the more land you get when you buy a house or villa in Tallinn, the more it will be worth in the future. Land in Tallinn will always have value.

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