When it comes to moving large volumes or cover long distances, it is better to let professional movers in Estonia to take over the process of removal process. When moving in Tallinn also consider that learning the language and the local customs in Tallinn is needed. So, before moving to Tallinn, it might be a good idea to take a basic course in Estonian language in order to communicate better in your new country.

Some Tips when moving in Tallinn


Prepare your move 3 months in advance. You may have to obtain visas, work permits or vaccines, or cancel services which require a notice period. Make a list of all you need to do. Being well organized will help the movement easier.

Emotional Needs – If you are undergoing a relocation, be sure to attend the needs of each of your family member. It is not normal for children to be subjected to a drastic change in climate and environment, so do the necessary discussions and mind setting.

Meet new friends and acquaintances. It would be difficult if the family does not have the correct orientation of the culture and norms of another society, so that before the relocation, do a little research about such ideas.

Sort through your belongings. Choose the products you want to carry with you in Tallinn and the assets you want to leave behind, by a friend or in a storage unit. But, it might be more advantageous to buy goods in Tallinn instead of bringing those goods with you.

Find out if your home-owner’s or renter’s insurance policy covers your belongings during transport.

It is important to arrange finances for quick cash to cover unexpected or emergency moving-related expenses.


Renting an Apartment or Buying a Home

You might also want to look into getting your new apartment or house before you move so that you are ready to go once you land. Moving abroad is a difficult situation for the family. Depending on your situation, of how much time you have, whether you can commit to buying a home and your personal lifestyle you will have to choose between a hotel, apartment and corporate housing. Moving to Tallinn sometimes choose the option to rent corporate housing as a flexible solution and the best way to feel at home in Estonia quickly when landing in town. For stays of a short period of time or an extended stay, apartment is a good accommodation when traveling or settling in.