Many job options for work are vacancies in the fields of information technology, sales and marketing, accounting and finance and management science with attractive salary benefits in Tallinn. Growth industries and increasing trends have opened new jobs in Tallinn.

As an expatriate, you will need to find a job in a company whose working language is English. As you probably know, those jobs are not easy to find. There are so many of them, and the few that exist are mostly advertised on local web sites. It was difficult and frustrating it can be, to try to find a job remotely as a foreigner.


Most of us work to live. Whether by choice or by necessity, we spend many hours each week, working for someone else. The choice of being a good employee will affect you, your colleagues, your boss and your family. The development of skills necessary to be a good employee is as simple as the formation of a few good habits.

Think about what skills are more proficient in the position you are applying. Public speaking, project management, team leadership and software are often helpful. Find some books and upcoming conferences that would significantly improve your capabilities.

Characteristics of a good employee include certain features that will probably make them more successful. Employees with strong work ethics also make good employees.

Most Skills Required in Tallinn


Finnish native speaker or excellent knowledge both spoken and written. Some want excellent English skills as daily communication is in English. Goal-oriented people with experience in broadcast sales and negotiation in an Internet environment. Strong sense of the quality of daily work, detail oriented, taking initiative, enterprising and capable of running multiple projects simultaneously.
Appetite for entrepreneurial environments with a rapid rate, as well as curious and eager to learn continuously. When you apply for a job in retail management is necessary to have skills that are relevant to the field you want to work.

Most management positions require graduates who have worked in the retail area of ​​at least two years and has proven themselves as eligible by their hardworking attitude, dynamism in the results they are producing for the company. To keep up with changes in economic and market trends, managers need to keep up with the necessary qualifications and have the necessary training.

When Getting a Job

Tell the truth. Above all, be honest. Be on time. Keep your work space tidy, be flexible, and have a self confidence.