Estonia is a European jewel that excites the palette of travelers and expatriates. Estonia is definitely the place for the expatriate adventurer who wants to return to nature. Apart from the many natural attractions in the continent, Estonia has many remote islands off its coast.

Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, is a magnificent city with its medieval architecture and a relaxing atmosphere with quaint cafes and restaurants. It must say, the public transport in Tallinn is perfect. There is a good network of bus routes wide across the country that offers reliable, low cost travel in the towns and cities and across the country.

Sport loving expats will be pleased to know that Estonians love their sport, including cricket, badminton, tennis, swimming, football and ice hockey. You may be want to have a nightlife, socializing, and other particular activities you may be interested, from fitness centers to golf courses.

With foreign investment in Estonia during the last decade, the telephone service has improved greatly and there is a large system of fiber optic cable that transmits telephone, television and radio in digital mode.

Driving in Estonia can be a very pleasant experience without haste and without complications. With it being such a small country, you can drive from one end of the country to another in half of a day. There is that wonderful feeling of space and freedom, which passes through beautiful lakes and virgin forests.

Life in any new city is always exciting, but it is also difficult and challenging. There are many practical details: where to live and where to buy food, how to open bank accounts and change a driver’s license, and so on. And Tallinn can be particularly difficult, where the language, customs and rules are probably quite unknown. Even for experienced expatriates, it is overwhelming at times.

The expatriates relocating to Tallinn often choose the option of apartment rental service as a comprehensive solution and the best way to feel at home in Tallinn when reaching the city. If you have lived in Tallinn for a while, then you know how useful the services can be.

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