Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is the capital and largest city of Estonia. Visitors to the country of Estonia will find Tallinn city to be a nice place to visit. This capital city of Estonia to be the largest city in the country. The city of Tallinn is situated on the banks of the Gulf of Finland. Located about 80 miles south of Helsinki, east of Stockholm and west of Saint Peters burg, in the northern coast of Estonia.Tallinn visitors will be able to find a city which is the modern and ancient at the same time. Here, you will be able to combine the pleasures of sightseeing with shopping at department stores, fashion boutiques and shopping centers. You can choose to dine in restaurants that cater to both local and international cuisine. Besides these pleasures, there are parks where you can relax during the day and at night you have a selection of nightclubs and bars where you can unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

As Tallinn is divided into the old town and the outside of the old town, you must work their way through the city for each section. In the Old town you will have a wide selection of places to visit. Some of these are the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Cathedral of St Mary or Toomkirik, Raekoda or the Town Hall which is now the Tallinn City Museum. You can also visit the All-Linn or the Lower town, which is now one of the busiest shopping areas of Tallinn.

Once you have explored the inside of the Old town you should look at some of the places that found in the outer wall of the Old City. However, in the outside of the Old City you can see the Tallinn Zoo, which is home to the world’s best collections of mountain goats and sheep. Of
course, the sight of other nature that you will be able to see in Tallinn is the Soomaa National Park which is about 100 km south of Tallinn.

This park is famous for its rejuvenating qualities of the swamps and bogs which can be found here. You might can get a recommendation to try to swim at this park because it is part of the rejuvenation technique. Another park you would like to see during your visit to Tallinn is the National Park of Lahemaa.

By exploring the city of Tallinn you will begin to see the many other places which will you can explore. Each of these unique locations will provide a fabulous vacation experience to remember. To enjoy these wonders for your next vacation choose Tallinn place to visit.