Theatre has moved slowly toward the center of Estonia’s cultural landscape, from the standpoint of both the state budget and the value systems of ordinary people.

At present almost 30 theaters operating in Estonia. Estonia’s best theaters are definitely on part with the rest of Europe. A trip to the theater has become so common that it seems impossible to find someone who has never been there. The theater performed of musical plays and dramas.



Drama studio Theater began the operation under the direction of the renowned producer Paul Joseph of Estonia. Young people who gathered under this name were the first who receive systematic education of the knowledge and skills necessary for the theater. The repertoire of this theater consisted of theater plays, from selection of the classical, the symbolists and Expressionistic ones. In these days the repertoire of Estonian Drama Theatre consist of the plays written by Shakespeare, Moliere, Calderon and also Friel, Bergman etc. Address: Parnu mnt. 5



Tallinn City Theatre, founded in 1965, is a repertoire theater, located in the heart of Tallinn. The theater is famous for its high artistic level as well as its unique medieval building, which houses seven different performance spaces and a large outdoor stage for summer productions. Repertoire Theatre of the city of Tallinn has been so approved by both the public and critics. It contains the world’s classical and modern theater. Address: Lai 23


The theater building is located in the center of Tallinn. In one of the theater halls is accomplished art gallery, which has exhibitions of Russian and Estonian artists. Over 50 years of existence of the theater has brought about 500 performances. These are statements of modern Russian and Western playwrights, Russian and international classics, Estonian drama art, and performances for children. Theatre had undergone a general reconstruction, resulting in restoration of the historic image of the interior of the building. At the same time, the theater became one of the most technically perfect theater venues. Address: Vabaduse Valjak 5



The building was designed by Finnish architects Armas Lindgren and Wiwi Lonn. Majestic White Hall of the National Opera of Estonia, with its grand chandeliers is a great place for festive receptions, formal occasions and dancing parties. The hall has removable chairs and tables. A bar is open for the guests. Estonia National Opera offers singers and musicians on your order. Address: Estonia Avenue 4