If your idea of ​​the perfect getaway is to hit a ball with a racquet, a few laps at high speed or fighting against your friends with the laser, then Tallinn is definitely the place for you.

There are many types of places to get your pulse up, from health and tennis clubs to ice skating rinks to the water parks. If relaxation is more your speed, you can visit one of the golf course for a round or two, or take a leisurely sail through Tallinn Bay.

Tallinn, Estonia’s capital is not only beautiful, it is also one of the most advanced and promising destinations in the world of sports.

Rugby tours, hockey tours, cricket tours and football tours in Estonia are increasingly popular among teams of all ages. Estonia has a lot of culture mixed with the incredible nightlife and friendly people.


City Golf: There is a new practice field, so that the golfers are no longer have to leave the town to practice their swings. It offers a lot of fresh air, and equipment rental and training programs.


Billiards: The pool hall in the sophisticated city center is a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a game of pool with your friends.


Baltic Balloons: There are some companies that offers hot air balloon rides that are guaranteed to fill you with a sense of romance and timelessness. Flights can be arranged in the mornings or evenings, weekends or weekdays, and can fly over dramatic, natural areas, a fairytale castle or in other places.


Go-karting Outdoor: If you like fast racing cars and love to tackle the adventure, then go karting is one of the activities you love to participate in the weekend while spending in Tallinn.


White Water Rafting: For the adventurous people, this activity is a great sport in the list of Tallinn. While you row in the flowing river and your boat begins to spin and shake, it’s really a feeling of lifetime.


Paint balling: Do you want to make your friends bath with colors and will you like to have a color shooting war between your friends? Then the paintballing activities that take place here will be an ideal activity.


Soccer match: Soccer can not be of much importance in this part of the world, but participation in a friendly soccer match which takes place every weekend can be a lot of fun and adventure.