Unlike many other major cities, Tallinn does not have a shopping street. Visiting Tallinn is almost impossible not to shop. One reason for this are that the stores are very easily accessible from wherever you enter the city. The second reason is perhaps because it’s so cosy in Tallinn.

Tallinn is a consumer-friendly city. There are plenty of opportunities to spend money by Shopping in Tallinn. Most shops in the Old Town and department stores throughout the city are open seven days a week, and major credit cards are widely accepted.

Old Town is literally filled with dozens of souvenir shops, antique and specialty stores. The best places to find quality fashion, shoes, perfumes are in the elegant boutiques along Old Town Viru and Müürivahe streets, and the large, full-service department stores and malls that have recently been appearing around Tallinn.

Walking through the shopping streets you will find a lot of unique handicraft and some very up to date fashion and designer labels in both domestic and foreign.

The most central shopping center is Viru Centre home also to the Kaubamaja department store. Stockmann offer Kaubamaja and everything from electronics to cosmetics as well as large sections of clothing.


Shopping for a Souvenir

  • Hand-painted marzipan
  • Original art like graphic prints, handmade jewelry, colorful glassware or fine ceramics.
  • Dark, bittersweet Estonian chocolate and other local sweets produced by the Kalev confectionery.
  • CDs internationally renowned of Estonian composer.
  • Handicrafts items such as hand-woven wool garments with traditional folk patterns of Estonia, woodcarving, beer mugs, fedoras fun, limestone candle holders and juniper coasters.
  • Soviet-era trinkets, sold in antique shop.


Shopping of Books

Two of the largest bookstores are Rahva Raamat in the Viru Center, and Apollo in the Solaris Center. More than just book shops, they otherwise also sell music and DVDs, and even have comfy Cafe. There are also shops like Raamatukoi that offer interesting used and antique books.


Handicraft Shops

The most uniquely Estonian souvenirs that you can bring home from Tallinn are examples of traditional Estonian handicrafts – beautiful, usually functional items created by hand, following centuries-old methods.


Shopping of Antiques

Tallinn antique shops selling a wide variety of items, from old Russian Orthodox icons to antique fire heated clothing irons. There is a lot of china and glassware, antique clocks and even some decent jewelery available. But you will need patience and dedication to make you way through the dozens of antique shops scattered throughout the Old Town and city center.