Tallinn’s best restaurants are usually concentrated in the center of Old Town, offering Estonia city break tourists a wide variety of cuisine options, ranging from traditional values, romantic and even exotic settings. Also note that usually you will sit back by yourself, so do not expect like a mannequin – just grab a seat available and you will finally be brought a menu. Service center is almost always speak English and other languages ​​menus are the rule, though the words may not always be spelled correctly.

Here are some list of Tallinn’s Restaurant:



Located at Viru 2/Vanaturu 6. The menu is European-based and fun-loving, with intelligent choices as weakness with Lady Margaret (chicken fillet) and contemplation of the Lord Mansion (duck fillet). The fresh, warm bread are a nice touch. Every day at 8:00pm there is a theatrical sword fight on the staircase, on Friday and Saturday followed by belly dancing. Grand Terrace in the summer.



You will find this stylish and elegant restaurant housed in an old limestone building. The cuisine, artfully prepared by a son of Naples, is an innovative and fresh fusion of  world flavours.



Grandma’s Place offers guests a warm welcome and a cozy dining room filled with antiques. Be courage, thats there is no signs of the big bad wolf here, despite boar is occasionally on the menu. Elk Roast is a regular feature and the lamb with blue cheese is highly recommended. Reservations are a good idea for the nights of Friday and Saturday.



Located at Vana-Viru 14. You can find it here a good, lounge and restaurant. Perfect sushi place, lunch, dinner or just a drink. You can sit for a drink or coffee, and also food. Good casual place at the entrance of the old town. Many local business people enjoy this place.



Located at Vana turg 1. If you’ve ever wanted the experience of being at a party in the Middle Ages, then there is nothing more than a meal in the Olde Hansa Restaurant. Recipes and ingredients have been carefully studied to ensure that your food tastes exactly the same as in ancient times.



The “Garden” is a very elegant building with plenty of opportunities to relax while enjoying a fresh meal or light snack. The emphasis here is on healthy options and can choose between the mains involving the buckwheat, hemp seed and other interesting additions.