For a city that spends much of its winter in darkness, you’d expect an interesting bar scene, and Tallinn beyond doubt. Besides being the best places to rest during the night, the city’s bars and pubs also operate during the day, serving dishes at reasonable prices to the masses frugal.

Tallinn Bars and pubs where people go to relax, meet friends and socialize in general. Most establishments are located nearby compact Old Town of Tallinn, so instead of choosing a specific destination, you can look in several places, many of which are just meters away, to see which has the most interesting crowds and music.


Beer House

There is a great choice of beers and make sure you try the surprising in-house beer. It’s a fun place to eat, drink and be drunk without inhibitions, so you can soon feel yourself in cheerful, Stein-management of mood as you sits in Munich beer festival rows, or drink of your own 15 foot mug. There is also country food at very good prices. Located at Dunkri 5.


Hell Hunt 

Located in the elegant Pikk 39, Hell Hunt is usually a very lively bar with a great atmosphere. If you are planning to go clubbing in Tallinn and want a place to have a few drinks to get into the right frame of mood be sure to visit this bar. They also have their own beer, which is a good beer at good prices.


Depeche Mode Bar

If you want your night out a unique experience in Tallinn, be sure to visit this bar. More like a shrine or art installation than a drinking den, this is a fun place to visit for a quick dose of the real culture of Estonia. This is one of the Tallinn bars you are sure to remember. Located at Nunne 4.


Kompressor Bar

Popular with students, this minimalist, slightly industrial-looking pub is where people go sit around large wooden tables and have a beer with friends. Kompressor is locally famous for their excellent pancakes, which are both cheap and plentiful. Try the garlic cheese variety for something a little different. Located at Rataskaevu 3.


Ice Bar

This slick, little bar in the Merchant’s House Hotel near the Town Hall Square specializes in all things good, especially vodka drinks served in shot glasses made of ice. Located at Dunkri 4/6.


Black Taverna Lounge

A trendy bar is far from the center of the city is a rare find. Anyone near the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds will want to make a visit to see taverna’s cool, black interior or maybe try one of the grilled meat on offer. Located at Pirita tee 20.



Whether you’re a true wine aficionado in search of a particular crop, or you just want to enjoy with someone special, Tallinn has a number of wine bars to suit your bill.

Wine bars in the city tend to be subdued, unpretentious, and lit with candles, the perfect place for an appointment or a meeting with an old friend.