Tallinn’s nightlife is vibrant, lively and fun with a number of trendy cafes, clubs, discos and pubs. Estonians have a reputation for being cool up until they start drinking. With more bars, pubs and clubs that you could shake a stick at, Tallinn is the secret capital of Eastern European party.

The nightlife in Tallinn is conveniently clustered around the compact old town and the streets are safe for walking at night.


Old Town is filled with a buzzing, having determined the day winds down and the after-hours crowd takes to the streets. Sports bars, lounges hip, crowd dives hold all life on any given Friday night. With so many bars, pubs and clubs squeezed into the same small area, it is easy for you to stumble happily from one place to another, compare notes and find a place that suits your mood.

When it comes for a freedom to enjoy, Tallinn makes a great escape, because here you can drown in beer and getting lost in the dance floor. Everything here is so bold and brazen, do not be shy when you are out for a nightlife.

Tallinn nightlife are awesome with very cheap alcohol and great atmosphere. There are different types of bars and suit that you will find comfortable. Tallinn is rich in Irish pubs, which can be done by name. Most are theme bars. Some are non-themed too.


The Old Town is the part where the bars are densely located. Take a guided tour of the different types of bars from traditional communist to trendier clubs to ultra-modern clubs to experience the diversity in the bar and club culture and its evolution in Tallinn.

Many Tallinn bars and clubs stay open until dawn and all free-flowing drinks, beer, vodka, and in winter, delicious warming mulled wine. Pub crawls are a must do to try the local beers. Some tour packages will give you free second round during the crawl. Strip clubs are scattered throughout the cities and are separate for men and women. Casino VIP clubs should definitely be see and try your luck at gambling.

Most nightlife activity is in the compact area in and around Old Town of Tallinn and therefore, you can check out more of the scenarios in one night without breaking a sweat. Tallinn is by far one of the best cities to have a memorable and exciting time in. You will not leave unsatisfied.