Tallinn for Kids


Arriving in Tallinn with kids? You are in luck. This is a great city for visitors of all ages, a city of secrets to discover, to explore a mysterious past and more than enough fun for the whole family entertained throughout your stay.

The Medieval Old Town itself is the most fascinating attraction for both young and old. It takes little imagination to picture the knights on horseback trotting past the castle gates or princess waving longingly from a high window.

There is also a lot to see and do for kids outside the Old Town. There is the beautiful Kadriorg district with its large park, ponds, fountains and playgrounds. Pirita, for which where the families can spend a day at the beachor rent a rowboat.

To have some an adventure in Tallinn, touring in the different parts of the city is an adventure itself at Tallinn. Whether you’re strolling or walking, skipping or taking a bicycle taxi, you’ll be passing through curious, winding streets, each one with its own secrets to discover.


Try the Toomas the Train, a festive little electric vehicle that brings smiles to children’s faces and relieves their parents’ weary feet as he takes them all on a 20-minute ride around the cobbled streets of Old Town.

There are plenty of museums in Talinn can be interesting for children. Don’t miss to visit the Children’s Museum. Located at Kotzebue 16. Kids would love it. As its name implies, this small museum is home to all kinds of dolls, teddy bears and toys ranging from traditional folk dolls to the more familiar Teletubbies. The rarest item is a doll collection, the 250 years of old rococo fashion doll.


All kids love animals and the Zoo of Tallinn is the best place to find them.
There has a Big Zoo where you can see different animals from around the world. Today it houses more than 5,400 animals, representing nearly 350 species. During the summer petting zoo is also open. Zoo is located in Rocca Al Mare.


All children love water at every age. Take the swimming suites and delight the children by visiting Kalev Spa Water park. Children will enjoy the children’s pool or slide down a tube, at the same time you can go swimming, use the saunas or just enjoy a frozen cocktail in the cafeteria.

This place offers a fun time for all children. The time spent in the Skypark will certainly memorable and fun. They have a huge and exciting climbing construction, big party rooms, gaming room, a cafe with free Internet connection, fun and active environment.

In Shopping malls, there are big play grounds for childrens. Some of them are free, some not. There is always an adult to care for them.