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Visiting a new city is not just about sightseeing but also it’s about experience. It means, there is lot of things to do in Tallinn, by simply exploring and sightseeing the beautiful medieval city, to enjoy and have some fun.

A great way to get an idea of ​​Tallinn, when you first arrive – not to mention to see some unforgettable places – is to head to one of the many excellent views of the city. The most popular of these, and easier to access, are the view platforms on Toompea Hill. To blend your experience with a little overview of medieval history, try to climb the steep stairs of the Town Hall Tower.

As you make your way through the most amazing part of Tallinn, namely its medieval city center, why not explore every street carefully and adopt one as your favorite.

The longest street in the Old Town is Pikk, whose name simply means “long”.  Parallel to Pikk is Lai, whose name means “wide”. There is also the Viru, the most traveled old town street and commercially developed. Vene with its monastery, church and restaurants.

The Old Town of Tallinn, which is much more a living, a breathing entity for the local population and not just preserved for tourists, is both beautiful and fascinating. It has an excellent mix of churches, homes, palaces, parks, gardens and green areas, plus more well-preserved walls and towers, with a historical period of several hundred years.

A visit to the Estonian Open Air Museum is a colourful introduction to Estonian culture and a nice day for anyone interested in its history.

There are also many ways for thrill-seekers to experience Tallinn. There is the Skypark trampoline center and the Adventure Park Nõmme outdoors, which operate throughout the year. You can take one of the bike tours offered also to add a bit more of Tallinn flavor. Slip through Pirita, which is a playground weekend for the population of Tallinn, which are aimed to relax on its beautiful white sand beaches during the summer months.

If you want to rub elbows with the locals, and pick up a bargain or two, you should visit one of the many outdoor markets in Tallinn. While in the markets, keep in mind that the Estonians did not haggle. The price they ask is the price they expect.

It is also a great center of culture and nightlife with the locals and visitors by making full use of its lovely eclectic mix of food and beverages.