What to see in Tallinn

What has Tallinn has to offer? Tallinn has great attractions that mirror its glorious past and its vibrant present. Figuring what really Tallinn could offer to its visitors is a trick question. On one hand, Tallinn’s past captures the essence of what Tallinn is and what it has become. On the other, the modern city is bustling with zest for life and energy which is Tallinn has been known for in recent memory.

Aside from being the town that invented Skype, Tallinn boasts of a very high-tech environment with free wi-fi access; that has been part of the locals’ way of life. Visitors to the town are amazed how modern and futuristic it is. It has all the bells and whistles of an ultra-urbanized city such as London, Paris, Tokyo or New York. Yet, amid the 21st century feel of the town;there is the pride of Tallinn which is its century-old streets, towers, squares and old houses. These treasures are representation of Tallinn’s past and cultural legacy.

Walking through the streets of Tallinn will give you a feeling as if you have stepped back in time. The fusion of Danish, German, Russian, and Swedish architecture is alive in the alleyways and cobble stone roads of this town. The city is lined with ancient church spires and red roofs reminiscent of the medieval towns that we only see on television or read in books. Tallinn has made great efforts to preserve its cultural heritage and no less than the United Nations declared the city as a World Heritage Site.

The town is one of Europe’s centers of culture. It boasts of having the best Christmas market in all of Europe. Locals invite tourists to sample what their Christmas is like.

You can start sampling the things Tallinn has to offer with an official sightseeing tour. First-time visitors to the city will get a kick from the tour which is a two and a half hour walking and bus tour. The trip purposely lets the tourist to visit some of the most interesting parts of Tallinn. One will see Kadriorg Park to the Pirita district where one can see the Song Festival Grounds. The tour will give the visitor a glimpse of Estonian contemporary way of life and its glorious historical legacy.

A trip is never complete without a visit to Kadriorg Art Museum which is a northern baroque palace which is a magnificent piece of architecture. The museum is situated in the place that was built by Russian Czar Peter the Great for his wife in 1718.

Tallinn is a town that has a story that needs to be told in every corner. You will enjoy your visit in the town by just walking through its streets with friendly locals guiding you to the history of the place. Each visit to Tallinn will prove to be a unique experience even if you have been here numerous times before. There is no enough time for you to learn the story of each place in town. That gives an idea to the traveller to revisit the town to learn more.