When you’re going to visit Tallinn, it’s almost impossible you’re not to get involved in one of the many festivals held almost every week throughout the year. Whatever it is; a joyous celebration of Beer Festival, an enchanting opera and ballet festival or cozy Christmas market in the old town, you should not to be missed it when you are here. Many of the world-famous festivals and its unique comparison is not to be found elsewhere.


Birgitta Festival

This unique festival of music and theater first appeared in a fascinating attractions of the capital, Tallinn, Estonia, the historic ruins of the Pirita (St. Bridgets) convent in the late summer of 2005. Birgitta Festival combines the dark charm of a medieval Pirita convent in Tallinn, Estonia with the latest in modern musical theater in all its variety and richness.


Black Nights Film Festival

The Black Nights Film Festival arrives in Tallinn in November-December of each year. The festival aims to present the Estonia public of world cinema in all its colorful delights, providing spiritual food for all tastes and ages. Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is a unique event that combines a film festival with the sub-festivals of animated films, student films and children / youth films.


International Tallinn Flower Festival

The aim of Tallinn Flower Festival is to bring together lovers of gardening and horticulture in Estonia and abroad, giving participants the opportunity to create striking garden plots and win positive publicity and offer aesthetic pleasure to the citizens and Tallinn visitors throughout the summer. This Festival happens during the month of June.


Ollesummer – Beer Summer Festival

The big event of the summer in Tallinn. It is one of the great social and cultural events in Estonia is the Õllesummer festival, having a good music, beer, and good atmosphere. Õllesummer offering over one hundred different types of tasteful chilly brewed beer.


Estonia Song and Dance Celebration – Laulupidu

If you like your Baltic folk music, large, loud and part of a crowd, then do not get much bigger than Laulupidu Estonia – Estonia’s Song and Dance Celebration. Local Estonians and a growing number of foreigners make the trip to Tallinn for this popular extravaganza held only once every 4 to 5 years.


Christmas Market

Christmas Market is an annual exhibition in the Town Hall Square streets of Tallinn, every December with the opportunity to find the perfect stocking fillers, with many market selling their products. The event represents a medieval environment, with markets, street performers, and traditional music.